Published on: Jul 7, 2016 @ 08:33

I’ve been *cursed* all my Life. What I came into was far from Who I am and this whole world was very foreign to me. And it’s still is. However, due to my memory was wiped out as it’s for most of the human kind in the current state. Some may remember *glitches* that comes through what I call the Matrix and can tap into the Akash where our memories are stored. They can know more about themselves and past, present, and future potentials. I am not going into why our past is not written in stone. I might – but not in the current situation.

I struggle to be wellbeing, health, and happy – just like the rest of us. However, that’s an un-natural state of being to me. As where I come from being well is the natural state of being. The Shift is amongst other things all about moving out of the suffering, and lack of, state of being into the Opposite of that. Humans have been able to tap in temporary to a state of wellbeing and Abundance but.. yea – “the but”. On the other side where.. there are so many Gifts and here were most people can only access one Gift (hardly anyone are allowed with more than one Gift so when offered one.. choose wisely – is that the one you want the most?). We are on the otherside unrestricted – there are no limits as we are experiencing here. So.. the Great I am – or as I feel it – the not so great me – have been denied by the Greatness on the other side of the veil from using Gifts here on Earth. Because.. my path is to speak the Truth. Even Jesus was frank about it. And no.. it’s not the “biblical” Jesus that have been for 2,000 years misinterpreted through the filters of ego and mind – of people. But the real Jesus that I am not interpreting. The one that tapped in to the Source of True Love ~ our Creator, God if you will, in its purest form. Love is the purest form of Life. God is life experiencing itself. And as we do we are God. We are life experiencing Self. It’s really easy to understand – unless you listen to “others”. So stop following anyone or any religion. Find out Who You Are. That’s it. I am pretty far on that path but far from complete ; ) Though there are two emotions – states of being – that I recommend you to experience at least once because then You are close to be the best You you can be as a human;

I am

and the state of being


I am asked quite frankly to follow my Path: to speak the Truth. I opened this page with the text that I’m “cursed”. Well.. some may say it’s a blessing; to know. I have always known the Truth – but at points in my life I let myself be misslead by others.

“Mind you” that this Truth I have is my truth; My truth is not better than – or worse than. It’s only what I sense to be True. What I know to me True. I also have the channels to see behind the curtains. Things are much worse than the common people think it is. However.. never before have so many of us woke up to Who We Are and the love & light is taking over. Finally.

For many the new insights make no sense at first. But once you know – you know. Eventually it is what it is.

So do not follow me ; )

I got from the Greatness just one advice;
have fun!


Regarding the COVert-1984 and “the greatest false flag since 9 / II ” as well as the roll out of the “5G” a.i. IoT VR/AR Matrix i.e. the transhumanistic agenda and disconnecting people from YourSoul-YourHigherSelf-theEssence-of-who-You-are-God-Source-christ-Jesus-5D-and-above I seriously recommend YOU to open my page about #EMFdetox