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I have a lot of friends who are online entrepreneurs. Many of them interact with people face-time while some are completely #offgrid and make a living communicating via a smart phone, tablet, or laptop. And their real work is communciating. They invite people to a concept – new paradigms – regarding not only wealth distribution but the distribution of products and services. They connect the users of products with the distributor. Sort of a new way to do “sales & marketing”. But the whole idea of finding solutions has changed. There’s “too much..”

Thus we turn to people we know that know about what we need.

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Personally I always knew what I want. And though we are all unique in our needs and wants, desire and even what we are passioned about there are a few things that are universal. There are universal laws creating our reality. Understanding the laws we know how to interact with people and places in our own comfort zone. Some say life starts out side of that zone while I think that too many are sick and tired of being in fear, uncertainty, always in the loosing end, and never discovering why the awkward zone would be soo nice and good. As I see it it’s the contrast and awkward shitty moments that makes us appreciate the comfort zone. I love to be in the comfort zone. I don’t want to struggle and fight in the wrong places with bad people.

I do like the efficiency of user friendly easy to use techniques and electronics. I use WhatsApp, telegram, Facebook messenger, traditional texts and calls, and old school email. That’s all I need to make a living! And some basic solutions people want to tap into.

At the same time.. I have the smart phone, the tablet, and laptop.. disconnected from my awareness and prefer pen on paper and natural analog life style. Left side, right side fused and some times naked in nature.


In the late 90s we build the fastest growing company in Sweden of all companies, in all industries based on an invitation to a 2-on-1 presentation over a coffee and home presentations. That income was based on enthusiasm, attitude, and good presentations skills. The natural evolution was to me the press play presentation. So that anyone could do it from anywhere with anyone. Thus, we saw the first people who created a living from the comfort of a TV coach. Sounds unbelievable and was kind of a paradigm shifter – people who preferred staying safe at home spending life in front of their TV was the most disrespected group of people in network marketing in the 90s and early shift of millennium. And suddenly we have the first guy who became a millionaire from his “I invited some people over to watch a video..” approach. But he wasn’t lazy. He understood some simple but critical aspects: how to invite. How to press play and selecting a good video and a proper company to work with. Not for – but with. For longetivity and to prosper it’s wise to choose people you work with – not for! And not having people work for you – but with you. That mentality is a do or die. Success or failure. Having a good time or.. struggle. So I only work with a company, and with people. Not for them. We join and stay. Here’s where amazing things start to happen.