The challenge:
it doesn’t matter WHAT I know
if people are uneducated about
1) WHY use the product

and that’s our work: Educate people!

and when people know WHY
then we educate them about
2) HOW they order the product
3) and the fact that this might be a good income opportunity to skill 1) and 2) and also 3) in this AHAA! model

so our work is simple:

1) understand WHY use the product
2) understand HOW you order it

..but we need proper presentations for this

(unless we are entrepreneurs relying on charismatic skilled live presentors (which has for sure its limitations))

Lets say a friend of mine is INSPIRED to start his business;

he has ONE question..

“what am I supposed to do now..?”

many times it’s an overflow of information. And all I really need to do is;

I invite people to a presentation

so.. consequently THE QUESTION IS:
WHAT do I show people?
WHAT is the plug n play solution