” ex-Hibionist “

nah – not really.


People think I wanna be in the center – the lime light. No I don´t.


People think other people play a role.

We all do.


We all play a personified role in the so called “3D” reality. The person we think we are. The person that only the mind percieve.

When we realize the extent of our beingness and manifesting it into “reality” we still end up with a 3D profile. The profile is captured by our basic senses. Thus we are aware that we are playing a role. And that we can change who we are as a person. When we are outside the 3D reality we realize the figure we are remotely controlling is like a game on PlayStation or XBOX.

We can choose to play events on our time line. Expressing ourselves. Manifesting ourselves.

When we realize that we are not what happens to us. But we design our lives by the reactions we have. And we can control our mind. And our thoughts and deeds. When we start to realize that we do play a drama and our reality is a mere illusion – then we realize the meaning of life is to experience emotions and feelings – different states of being.

Evolution starts when we break that boarder line and start to experience life outside our 3D reality. We do have then an opportunity to see the Matrix that enslaves us just like in the movie. That there are grid works that we are connected to and we function as different energy sources. Which of some are benevolent while..

Some connect with low “density” and very dark conciousness – strongly related to fear and being disconnected (practicing lonelyness and experiencing self as in selfishness).

*evil* cruelty FEAR hate
are powerful energies
and there are parasites.. entities
that feed on this energy and has been on earth
creating more food – as we then become their “harvest”

There are many people today that are creating this source of energies
for these to feed on. “Loosh!” That is also why there are so many theatrical
“events” broadcasted on TV programming.

TV is a means of “mind control” with the intent to
create these kind of energies and from the top of the pyramid
we have the tyrans and dictators that still today relay on

divide & conquer

and it’s their path

– while the other path is connecting to all there is and experiencing the I am.

A great realization is the distinction between these two worlds – realities;

I experience mySelf, my ego, my mind I think I know


I am


So what’s kiwi wiki kimi all about?

it’s just turning all upside down.

Hell & Heaven. Fear & Love. Just inside out. Outside in. Upside down.

lets coCreate
out of our minds
from our hearts