at 1:59 you see police officer “Pike”
he actually got $35,000 for his “suffering” at work. Paid by the state. Taxed out of the people he pepper sprays. He is known for the deeds he show case in this video. He is known. Here he got 2 seconds of fame.
there’s another 4 minutes 14 seconds of stories.
There’s a story between all the hundreds of pictures captured in to a wide range of emotions. Faith. Belief. Hope.
..and giving in.. loosing.. broken.. fallen.. hate.. corruption.. greed
These emotions, reActions, and thoughts, of ours define who we are. People get beaten for standing up for freedom and true abundance. Sharing. Caring. Loving each other.
The tide has changed. The world is changing. The *evil* and the DarkOnes are named. The fake. The diversions. Their portraits. Their true colours shine through. When the light is turned on.
Turn on Your Light.
Wake up.
the original with Charlie Chaplin [ Youtube ]

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