so, most who know me knows my stand on “the Vatican”, the Order of Jesus Christ (the jesuits), and the catholic church = it is an anti-christ institute to its fullest. At worst part of a satanic order worshipping Ba´al, Bahomet and the God(s) of Babylonia-Sumeria-Annunaki.

But.. I have been working as CEO, Executive Director for the Ev Luth church in Ktown. Ev Luth which dominates Finland as some sort of “state church” while the church is separated from the state but in some areas up to 90% are members of the Ev Luth. Regions in Helsinki have the lowest percentages.

I have been doing my due diligence behind the curtains within the Ev Luth the best I could and inquired from day one at work about the real teachings of Jesus as well as why is there no christian values in the daily work we do? Quite the opposite. I got fired.

What the blind can´t see is this:

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and here’s the new Arch/Arcon bishop initiated as the head of the Ev Luth:

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The “funny” thing with the Bible, the scripture, the programming of the members is the “word”. And that members of Ev Luth and other christians don´t understand the origins of the Bible. And what happens to those who bend to it. Someone must be utterly damaged to the head not to see it hasn’t the origins from Love Source, aka God of Jesus Christ – or rather Yeshua Ben Yosef. If you go to the most basic teachings of Jesus the Answer is LOVE and that Truth will set you FREE. That´s it. All you need is LOVE. However.. where do the Bible or Ev Luth or the Pope of Vatican ever teach you that?? No, they say salvation is through Jesus. And the Father and the Pope and the priests are the “God” figure. Well the Lord and the Father is the *evil* God who Fell that in the image of God wants to be worshipped.

The God I stand with. And Jesus. Need not to be worshipped. The God I stand with has no concept of commands and slavery. No sacrifice. The God of JAHVE, Lord Enlil (Anunnaki), The Father wants the ultimate sacrifice – you. All martyrs die to this deciever God. So all martyrs have no concept of their Acts. However, from a human perspective it is a beautiful heroic deed. And God bless them. The God of Love. The God who sees beauty in the child sacrifice, pedophilia and “harvesting” the energies of torment, terror (entropy).. “Loosh!” can just fcuk off. The Old Testament is a history recap of this evil God of Judgment that creates “hell on Earth”.

Enlil = *evil* God
Enki = good God

While the Truth and the Way based on True Love is how we can coCreate “heaven” and paradise on Earth. And this is the 2nd coming of Christ. We integrate christ in Life. We become christ conscious. We become conscious of Christ. And this what I call 5D. 3D is the Matrix and a way to escape the prison planet, gaia in 3D is to move into 5D earth. Which is where people consciously experience Freedom, Abundance, WellBeingness, Love in a grand spectrum. We also become aware of our multidimensional Self. Tuning into 5D is EXIT the Matrix.

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