The liberation of Aleppo in time for Christmas

thanks to
solute intentions and actions
by united forces of freedom fighters

Terrorists and Officers from USA Qatar Saudi Turkey IS-rael and ISIS
>who fought against this to happen!<

Question your News Media why *theDarkSide* is not exposed;
their deeds, their agenda, their entropy, their Destruction, their Divide & Conquer, and.. their “Gods”. Question your News Media who do not name drop the Commanders, Monarchs, Presidents and Ministries that are behind the real *evil* ..behind the REAL ” Fake News “


Here’s the work of *theDarkSide* that Assad, Russia, and the united forces of Iraq, Yemen etc wanted to see and end to:

want names?

I love name dropping;
we all define Who We Really Are – no matter we do it behind a smile of *evil* or in a suit.. or with the royal emlems,

Names are dropped at:


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