Everything in our conceived reality is frequencies. We are as human beings of electro magnetic essence. Thus electro magnetic frequencies all around us affect us as a being: our health, biology and mental state etc.

There are people who know a lot about this and has patented a lot of “solutions” to manipulate us. Like with all powers of control and manipulation – as well as creation – we land on the wide scale of good to bad. And then there are those few who are psychopaths and want to control the whole world and the people around them out of selfishness, greed and terror. That is the reality we live in.

Here is a small recap of one man who patented solutions in USA:

This is however just the beginning.. lets dive deeper into this matter:

The IoT = internet of things is about creating a totalitarian technocratic mass control of not only the people but all organic life forms. In the long run. The “heaven sent” technique going online is 5G. The frequencies are not completely organic but through chemicals (micro/nano size metal particles) the organic side of creation become synthetic transponders – modems – antennas. 

As I see it there is no place for 5G on earth. It might be there is a great potential with it if harnested for specific uses. However, as a main stream solution it’s like giving pocket held nuclear plants to the people. Free energy would ease the life of many ..most.. but.. if it radiate Life into a cancer cluster fcuk – it’s not an option. 5G is not an option.

With 5G you can completely remote control the mind. For sure Master of Puppets would like to access this God mode. Lots of fun. But those at the other end will suffer immensely from the thoughts form implanted in the mind. 

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