The ignorance regarding chemtrails proves how properly the people are dumbed down into walking talking zombies totally unaware of what happens wide open all around them.

It’s not a question of whether it happens but rather questioning the agendas and purposes and what we can do about it. Please search for Frankenskies documentary if this one is deleted and start of with the videos listed on this page if you want some basic insights:


I have documents from the US Air Force with names and ranks about how and why they are controlling the ionosphere for war fare and military purposes (communications, weaponry, tactical uses and also weather control).

One of the agendas is also to modify the human being and also other aspects of nature into devices for the IoT a.i. Matrix that is already online but not complete nor world wide ..yet.

Ken Rohla video:

16 min.: Rothschild (weather control and military industrial complex) and Nobel Prize

22 min.: QXCI SCIO

25 min.: zeolite (36 min.: don’t overdo zeolites)

26 min.: nutrients – detox the brain

27 min.: organic food is not reliable. BRIX meter, Refractometer

31 min.: grow food (soil) – super conducting minerals/rockpowders (cheap!)

33 min.: the Force and EMR

37 min.: monatomic iodine

39 min.: charcoal and sacred clay

41 min.: detox powder – preferable daily use. Morgellans.

42 min.: malaria

45 min.: hemp and cannabis []

50 min.: zapper Dr. Bob Beck style and priobiotics DIY!

52 min.: quantum scalar indigo (SCIO)

find a practiotioner at:

54 min.: USA used scalar weapon to product Fukushima and the currency / monopoly money

56 min.: scalar weapons for healing (bacteria and micro organisms)

58 min. shungait

59 min.: God consciousness. Fractal Vortex. Sun. Interdimensionality. 

1:05 min.: the Schumann resonance

1:12 min.: Mecca, the Vatican.. feeding grounds. HAARP.