I’ve been recently named; the terminator

I was told it was because of my.. “strong chin” ..jaw.

But I come from the future. The other side of entropy.

I’ve seen the future ~and once upon a time I described it has home.


Once upon a time stranded on this planet of contrast. This planet of deception and detoriation I thought it had no hope. I wanted to return home because everyone was a foreigner – lost souls.. fallen ones.. blind and dumb people. I couldn’t talk with them. All I kept saying was; “E.T. wanna go home..!”My hope, faith, beliefs.. my inside knowing.. was Utopia to them. Then.. I realized.. my home do exist and there was ‘the spark of Life’.

On my own path of aWakening I joined the Shift. Since I am the Shift. I am God. I am the coCreator of ‘all there is’. I am from the Opposite of Entropy. However, as the old world drags me down into density many will not see me behind the veil until they lift it. When we step in to reality as the majority experience it you also step into density described by the senses of established science. The people who can see through the veil might speak, write.. make a video.. in order to create an opportunity for those left behind to release the chains that hold them back from our true reality – our true potential. A potential pretty far from the tipping point we are about to reach where the masses wake up.

old world vs new earth

If the concept of entropy and coCreating a good place right here on earth as Opposites intrigues you – peace watch this video:


We are current in the Shift where we stand with one foot entering ..the other side of the veil – one foot still in chaos.. Right now.. we are in the midst of some sort of fusion, diffusion, separation from entropy; chaos and destruction. Entropy is of the old world. One of the sources, grid works, of the *DarkSide* ~a Source like “God”

described in present time by the deeds of ISIL/ISIS soldiers; some name this “God”, the source on entropy, Allahu Akbar.

dark vs colours

no better than isis

*evil* is about to leave the building..!

There are many who now are ready to kill. Kill the people connected to the sources that create the grids for Entropy. When you do – you disconnect them from the source. And though these unique expressions of self are thrown into the grind, the cycle of rebirth, they may come back disconnected from this source – these grids. Or not.. the details may be revealed later on on this site – or not. But the soldiers dressed in dark are also killing people disconnected from their “God”, from their source.. because they are the Opposite. I am their worst enemy. anarchyAnd so are all people connected to the Source of True Love. Our Creator. Our coCreator. We are extensions of Sourc – God experiencing self. We are also the once in the Christ consciousness;

representing empathy & compassion. Jesus was one of us. He was just like us. No more. No less. He was just tuned in with ‘all there is’ the other side of the Shift. The Shift is an event in time and space with ripple effects throughout the Univers. Through multidimensions. We have failed many times before this. This is the time of all times. This is the culmination that our friends unseen by the naked eye are now following. What will we do with our free will. We have failed everytime until now. We have *fought* against the forces of Darkness. And died.. and failed.. over and over again.. for centuries.. for millennia.. even times before ‘humankind’ this time around. *epic fail* life time after life time.. and we are tired..

but inspired! And we are the Shift. We are the once we have been waiting for. And this time we are the movement bringing back heaven on earth. Haven. Home. Freedom. Abundance.

rambo shootingThere are many unique expressions of life – people – who are in tune with the Source of True Love and peace. And are connected or open for the connection with, if you will; God. Christ consciousness is not exclusive for one religion and should not be labelled as “christianity” since the history has corrupted that “religion”. All faith connected with True Love is also activating Christ consciousness and that’s a word describing that energy. An pure energy from the Source of Love & Peace. Described in many religions. But many unique expressions of ‘all there is’, ie. humans, have been connected with so many other sources – that are the contrast of Love & Peace – like *FEAR*.

fear is a choice when danger is real

Fear has its own grid work and many people are connected with it and thus become facilitators of the experience of fear, Fear exist only when one connect with that grid, with the Source of that reality. Without the connections or awareness of fear – also the source cease to exist. Though it exist. There are many sources unknown to man. That only through creating a plausable, potential – we activate the source into our reality. And so we create another thing into existance though every thing already exist. We are the ones through ‘all there is’ experiences ‘self’ though we can gain a new reality and a “sand box” so that we in our human form can play with it. Experiencing ‘life’ as is. There are an infinite number of parameters to set up this adventure. There are an infinite number of sources since everything exist. Most people are not able to exit the Matrix and disconnect from the grids in order to comprehend this. The human mind is not capable of experience in any Given Moment ‘all there is’. But some of us are able to comprehend the Matrix, the grid works, being conscious and turning the experience of ‘self’, the Great I am, into a mere illusion – since ..the experience of I am.. it’s just an experience – in other words – you do not exist. You’re just an expression. A temporarily extention. And as only being hard core consciousness you will see everything. And sometimes ‘reality’ is too brutal..

for the Great I am. Thus, many return to their being. And when we know this. We know that we can be alive. Life. We return to existance of One. We are one.

do upon others


Read more about “string theory” if you’re into science = )

crocodile eyeCan animals tap into the Source of Entropy?

Look at the reptilian called crocodile; how it rips apart its prey. Look at the berserk of some monkey species. A monkey can tap into very dark behaviour.

But all around us – there an infinite numbers of sources we can connect with. But there are so many universal forces all around us that we are aware of but uneducated about. So lets have a look..


einstein - hell of a water cooker

racism and bullieswhite rabbit w shadow


separation from Source  white rabbit w shadow

we are not many races but multidimensional beings in a grand collective white rabbit w shadow

Talmud, Jesus, and Lucifer, (the pharisees and the dark side of islam), illuminati
– 50 is just a number
white rabbit w shadow

” they are here “
– many of us are already communicating with them
the “E.T.s”

as this site is partly about the aWakening and the Shift
it’s also educational in MyWay ; )
for people who are opening their mind about what is going on and is totally been asleep, here’s a white rabbit hole for starters:
(the three last minutes is what we need to know at this stage in the rEvolution)
white rabbit w shadow


what can YOU do?


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