the “banking industry” is a hoax.

Deep behind the scenes you’ll notice that euros and dollars are printed like there’s no tomorrow: someone lend money to companies and private persons that don’t even EXIST! To pay the “interest” people and companies need to produce service and products as addition to the debt. So in the end these produce to the full amount in REAL TERMS.

WHEN people know how this works they will EXIT the parasite structure and enter peer-to-peer environments.

Squirrel skin, metals etc are commodities and REAL assets.

For example a solar coin has REAL value!

A global rewards program for solar electricity generation.
§1 SolarCoin represents 1 MWh of solar electricity generation.
As a verified solar electricity producer, you may get SolarCoins for free.
99% of SolarCoins will be given to solar electricity producers of 97,500 TWh over 40 yrs.

BitCoin as a new currency and #digitalmoney is connected to an exchange network and as people EXIT the Fed-Fiat-IMF-euro-petrodollar it’s going to work as a buffer and transition zone and thus become a common asset. The ‘common’ becomes common. Also Ripple and Ethereum are to become common. There are all lot of cryptocurrencies that are to become “the Bubble” so be cautious entering suspect/speculative ICOs and cryptos. No risk high reward are the giants to be. Just like once upon a time with the internet giants; Facebook, Amazon, Google/Gmail/android, Apple, iHerb etc.

Remember that both iHerb and Amazon became Giants thanks to their affialiate/referral programs. Now coinbase also have such a program and in the comments to this post I will add my link where you recieve $10 in BitCoins if you exchange dollars or euros for $100. Smart. It works. And a good introduction to the movement.

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