The religions are all together a cluster f__k of consciousness manifested into matrices. One can chose which Matrix to tie oneself into. And we have a veeeeeeeeeery wide range of alternatives while for most of us it seems “same same” like chosing between a Happy Meal or a Quarter Pounder meal at McD..

The scriptures is a blue print for programming – nodes – coding. Those who are hard wired to be set up with a religious software will pretty easily get downloaded and installed. Then this person becomes a device in the “internet of things” – strung up in a web; a Matrix.

The “5G” syntethic is the moster sinister of Matrices in our known history. People can be remote controlled thus they want to get it online world wide; “in every corner of the world” and thus reach their all time culmination of total domination. The 5G syntethic IoT Matrix includes a protocoll to connect i.a. and fuse it with humankind. Some people in Silicon Valley are ready to upload their consciousness online. One billionaire has admitted this publicly.

Like in the movie Transcendence [ ]

To make human a part of quantum computing. But also nature. Thus earth can be connected to the main frame and controlled through this IoT Matrix.

Before this the experiment was to work on people through the infrastructure of the belief-mind-consciousness complex and programming through symbols, astrology, numerology, mantras, ceremonies, repetition in a hierachial structure. Building priesthoods and pyramids. Basically hypnotics.

Here’s an introduction to the “cluster f__k” of recent times (last thousans years) and those on the top of the food chain:

The “5G” works on a cellular – conscious level. It’s remote controlling the grey matter; the brain. The frequencies is a perfect match. It works better on persons with a “calcified” pineal gland. And also in those with the resonance of certain metals. Thus those with accumulated “chems” and psychological/mental issues/disorders are very susceptible. So detoxing, ie. keeping the mental and physical (incl. light body, astral body, electromagnetical body, etc) clean, clearm and harmonized/balanced is part of avoiding the “5G” a.i. Matrix. It is also of essence to not get 5G phone, laptop, modems and other devices and set up an environment free from 5G related EMF/EMR.

Back to religion and the earlier video. This is the Enlil-Enki “paradox” that has held humankind in the dark ages; the barbaric, violent tines, based on hate and fear progressed with greed, lust for materia (the beast) and serving the ego-self. It’s all true in the sense it is not. It’s all just existing in alternatives of consciousness and real to those experiencing it. So in other words no one needs to experience this anymore. That is the Shift! that is the awakening. That is exiting the Matrix – while we do move into other realms, forms of existance and thus in a sense we are moving into a new matrix. But I urge people to avoid the a.i. Matrix and recommend people to have a look at organic Ascension and the teachings of Jesus (Yeshua, Sananda). The same teachings Yeshua ben Yosef tried to teach two millenia ago. And if you are open you will realize he is still here with us and for us and expressly teach us that the 2nd coming is available for those who chose a path he promised is there for us – if we chose so.

So now we come back to your own potentials. You have a True Potential and.. of coure a false potential. And then you can serve different Masters trapped in slavery and the Game. The Game is the old Matrix. The House of Mirrors. The lust.. sins.. falling.. getting lost in the labyrint. The Freak Show. The circus.

Ask yourself – what do you want to tune into..!

Who Are You?

Who and what do you serve?

Do you want to experience a.i. and get wired up and trapped in the “5G” Matrix?