The eso/exo/etheric/plasma energy
the negative entities have been “harvesting” is called

” Loosh! “

I have known about the Matrix etc for a long time. Good news: it’s offline. There are still some automated features running that creates attacks and holograms based on auto-detect that hits the brain waves and the mind. It’s a kind of “beaming” but causes also physical stress and distress.

If you want to clean up the leaches from your eso – aether – ether structure and bodies please learn a little about this through these videos and then do the meditation listed lastly once a day for quite some time ahead.

Lightworker Boot-camp: THE Matrix Description: Welcome to Lightworker Boot-Camp. IF you want to wake up more – this is your next step. This is a 3 video series on removing malware from your Light Body. Most of us have thousands of years of junk – – which is easily removed. Much more! Something BIG just happened.