in the world of deceipt.. who can you turn to for guidance?

here’s a list of Public people that I warmly can recommend:

Little Grandmother Keisha
– youtube video from Zürich [ watch it ]

disclaimer: do not wait for any external saviour! the answer is love – yes! but it’s up to us to evolve into multidimensional beings first. No one will appear to teach us that and then we become multidimensional. It’s for the masses: 1. EXIT the Matrix. 2. connect with the unseen positive and lovingly embracing dimensions. The disconnection from the Matrix is a unique and personal experience – so.. find “Morpheus”.. or Trinity to take you there. You’re Neo. We all are.

Bernhard Guenther

Laura Eisenhower

Tobias Lars

Max Igan

Tulsi Gabbard

Carey Wedler


People of interest:

Vladimir Megré – Ringing Cedars and Anastasia

father Malachi Martin (who was killed after exposing the satanic order of the Vatican, the movie the Excorcist was “based on” the work related to him) – videochannel on youtube with interviews [ here ]