I have a degree in

(Master) Economics from HANKEN
(approbatur) pedagogics from Åbo Akademi
(profession) Wellness and product developer from Rastor

and studied
Public Relations and Human Resource Management from Athens University of Economics and Business

I have attended seminars and events around the world
both met personally and listened to some of the most renowned
speakers, politicians, entrepreneurs, professors, self-made millionaires, and front runners in many fields

I’ve even myself been on stage too many times to remember

and blah blah!

my intention is not to boost and stroke my ego or any self-lifting just to raise a question;

so why will I not only attend but cover the SHIFT 2016?

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 There’s a reason why I will cover the SHIFT 2016!
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The SHIFT is a business festival focusing on how technology is changing the fields of health, learning and energy.

31st of May – 1st of June

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