Most choices in Life are small. Most are automated and out-sourced whether we are conscious about them or not. You can drive or walk from work every day without actually facing a decision point – “should I turn left or right here..”

you just do it

you create negativity, neutrality, and postivity. So what’s good or bad with that? What evil do you do? What good do you do? What do you create? How many of your decisions – consicous or not – are creating negativity? and how many decisions “make no difference”? and how much good do you decide to do? How do people react to your decisions?

In #5D there is no negative polarity, contrast.. causality. Karma is created in lower densities. Past and present. We’re at the point in our evolution that we can face what we’ve done here – karma if you will – and the *darkness* we are able to express and bring out in ourselves and others. In 5D freguency we embrace Who We Are and these aspects. It’s also in these frequencies that we can finally untangle ourselves from all that is uncomfortable to us.

We don’t need to struggle and fight anymore. We don’t need to fight for freedom, wellbeing, a living, our rights..
In 5D evertything is free. All is well. And there you find Life. All is just Right. 5D and above is coCreation with Divine intention and energies. It’s when and where we can bring heaven upon earth.


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