I give in.

I give up.

I’ve for so long.. been ‘asked’ to do this. While the basice “Law of Attraction” is all about the Ask & it’s Given. The Greatness; the mediator of the Shift & aWakening has Asked and expect ME to be the giver. I assure you that this is not something I am keen on. De facto.. I think of a lot of things I’d rather do (like flying!). But; how long can I avoid “faith”. How long can I stray away from my “path”. So here it is; the Shift! I am supposed to stay in 50 shades of grey and speak of how to awaken so that you can ascend. F**k that shit! people who are so apathic about tapping into their full potential and neglecting the full potential we have on earth may just drop dead or stay connected to the grids of suffering and “lack of..” – that’s their choice! it’s based on one of the “Great Laws” we have been given; free will. But noooooooooo.. they want me to speak out to the people that are about to awaken and do all the dirty work ..not for them.. but.. ok ok.. with them.

So this is my feeling about this task:

someone missed his morning meditation

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