DMT ~ the Spirit Molecule ~ pineal gland

Activating the third eye is not the same as visiting a ayahuasca ceremony nor smoking changa. Activating your multidimensional Self and connecting with your HigherSelf is not achieved through syntethic DMT.

However, activating the crystalline fluid and the spirit molecule in your pineal gland is on the natural path to connect with higher frequencies in our current time & space reality.

This is that path of a Master. Self-awareness, a critical concern, and avoiding the traps to fall even deeper, are essentials. Many create addiction to the blizz of DMT. In many ceremonies they chant “ayahuasca medicine..”

  • it’s not a medicine! ayahuasca is not a cure. There are many with the devil on their shoulders when you walk this path. Many people fall.. become or stay a fallen one..
  • avoid the DarkSide of the spirit worlds
  • follow your heart ~ fully!

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