3rd of July 2016

what does it matter that the history we‘ve been told about earth and who we are is not true after all. Our real history is actually far from what we have been told. We as in the general public – the common people.

The small elite, top of the pyramide – as in joint efforts of “church” and those, the few, who owns us wrote our science and history. I can name drop them all – but I am not going to point my fingers on this site at specific persons nor “communities”.

My intent is only to advance our True Potential.

To speakt The Truth of Who We Really Are.


the rEvolution has started

the Shift has started

the aWakening has started

Thus, it changes everything as we know it. It’s actually that dramatic that it changes really everything you know.

And that as the ones who wrote it based the “Teachings” of our history on their own need to control and enslave the human race.

I have been honed all my life to raise up to the occasion. I didn’t know until now what that was. And perhaps it’s still not my time. But what I do know – is our history. And the current state we are in. Perhaps you could say it’s a privilage but to me not so. I have no needs to publish this nor exposing our true nature. But what I do love to do is to let people know that we have been connected in a Matrix to grid works that didn’t surve us as unique expressions of the creation – creation of Life and all there is. As the shift happens and we expose the ..what I call.. *theDarkSide* we can finally move out of the “Dark Ages”. In traditional history lessons we have been told about our “evolution” in very ..primate.. conditions where we learned to.. use material and metals and we are the most evolved species thanks to our index finger. When you will eventually found out who we are.. you will too find this pretty funny.

I have been pushed towards a simple approach of being, expressing, and communicating; to be brief and straight to the point. I am not that “theoreticly” or “academicly” inclined but the real deal kind of type. Thus, it might upset a lot of people but on the other hand it’s a shaker and then we can move on. This is all about moving along and there are a few pointers I want to make – since the dillussions, agendas, and confusion will make the shift *ugly* ..very very.. tragic for many.

  • the shift may happen for you peacefully
  • the shift may for many be very violent, tragic, and dramatic
  • there are a lot of things you need to release – let go of
  • many might feel they loose.. loved ones, belongings, ownership, their mind..

As you can see there are dualism in our current presense – but as we shift we also step out of *contrast* and especially dualism – division into wholeness and unity – and oneness.. which might sound as laalaa land and people say; get real! and they go back fighting “reality”. There are two things you will experience as emotion once you get to the other side:

I am

the I am presense

and then you will experience the

” I am complete “

People have felt for a long time anything but. It has been a struggle. The variety of experiencing

“off track”

“lack of..”







Others “ego”…. negativity… hate… fear…

Anyway, back to the reset due to the shift. This means in practice that money (commodities and real value), medicine, commuting, war, religions, who and what God is, politics, economics, work.. as we know it.. will change!

Lets start somewhere; when you know our real potential you know that the petrol based car has been obsolete for a long time. And *theDarkSide* has not only made us dependent on “oil” and *choal* which both are *dirty* used for energy. We have the high-tech to run our modes of transportation without oil and for example Finland has been spewing out emissions polluting the environment.. in vain! Recently 10% of the electricity in Finland was produced from choal power plants. And why? “because we have the plants” (which we have incase of emergency – read: war or force major) and because.. I “hate” to say this; “because it’s cheap!”. In simple terms: because of the “money” issue. This is how money become dirty and thus through history good men and women has had a *corrupted* relation to money. Money is just an instrument that measure value. However.. now we come to a critical point regarding the Shift:

There are two monetary instruments that (understanding the “old written history”) have been a no no; you can’t set a value to money and just print more and finance a state (society) by printing. That’s insanity and lack of appreciation to ‘value’. And both IMF (euro) and Federal Reserve (US dollar) have fallen for a blind *greed* ..for future generations to pay for. This has not been done for the society but to acquire commodities for the small elite that owns the banking systems and it’s primarely done by the old family Rothschild. The whole world have been playing in the pockets of this blood line. There’s another story regarding the “royal” – the blue – blood lines. I don’t think we need to waste time and effort on these. That part is now just “academic” – more of entertainment.

So I suggest that you re-evaluate the meaning of value; what are commodities, self-sustainability in your own life and how you will contribute to ‘all there is’. In our human experience you contribute to yourself on a unique individual level, to your close and loved ones, to society, to earth. The meaning of society will expand a lot once people see how we are connected and that.. we are not alone.

And that life is not a physical experience of “self” – though many are “selfish” and think they are a body disconnected from all else. That’s the zero point. Then we are next to nothing. And death might be the end. Many will learn a lot about death. And it’s kind of falling asleep – though it might hurt a little doing the transition. Death is just “Continuation Day” and in the future it’s something to celebrate. However, regarding our history and past.. it has been a recycle and being thrown back into the grind. Unless you succeeded in ascending aka “I am ascending Master”.

Well, you might be – you just have forgot it ; )

but most people are

“the herd”


ending up as

“the harvest”

..and some died over and over again as “the raising Lions”. Well, the Lions raise again^^

But this time we might free the human kind from the Grind, the Matrix, the.. “hell” that for many felt as eternal suffering. We might not make it and there’s a war going on – the old *DarkOnes* who ruled the world for thousands of years struggle to continue their game. Yes, it’s a game. It’s really just a game. And once you will read it in our history that is now to be in front of you you will see it’s a chess board, a deck of cards and when you see who played the game.. it’s extremely *disturbing*. It’s much more mind blowing that any Hollywood flick. But the game is over. We are pulling the plug from the Matrix and taking down the grids that you have been connected to – aware of it or not.

Lesson 1

Divide & conquer

” divide et impera “

it’s a splendid tactic and works like charm and also the weapon of choice by *theDarkOnes*

so lesson 1 is to disconnect from this grid

do not attend any scenario of

” versus “


Just walk away! Do not argue. Do not fight. Do not attack. Do not defend. Reflect. Teflon. Walk away. Aikido.

Read more about how the Dark Side uses this concept [ here ]

 Lesson 2




related obviously to lesson 1 – do not confront or attract the Dark Side in to your experience. You do that by dealing with them. And though you think you may not d so.. here’s a trap that many people will walk into: if there’s a reward and you accept selling someone out or yourself to *gain* a reward based on *selfish* needs you might step into the darkness. And the path out of it might be tragic. So learn how not to attrack the *dark* into your individual experience. There might be someone you “trust”, love or care for who you need to “save” – unless they take your hand and step out of their individual 50 shades of grey – there’s nothing you can do about it. If they reject your hand and make no effort to step out of the Dark Ages it’s their choice! Some have a reason to either go *dark* or stay connected with the *dark* or feel that they night to arm and shield themselves and go *fighting* the Dark. If you fight.. well, you see.. you feed the darkness. So you can’t fight it with guns, sword, or any sort of violence. Peace is always a peaceful act; thoughts, intentions & actions. There is no we have to go to war, we have to kill! we have to force or punish people in to our desired behaviour. If someone spins in those energies they are still connected to that sort of grids and this is what the DarkSide fuel their fire on.

Lesson 3

what to be-lie-ve?

the birth of belief systems, faith and “religions”

Religions are based on a ‘knowing’ or rather a system of belief; ” I believe in.. “

Some of these grids are “syntethic” – like a program and if you connect to the software (programming) you believe what it is creating in your mind. Some of this programs are communicating with your mind. It’s like installing a program on a computer or an app on your phone. Once you open it it performance as it was programmed to do. Thus, many knows that you can reprogram your “subconciousness” – well.. bad term – lets keep it simple: you program your mind. Your mind is part of what creates your experience of reality – which in many cases is ..well.. just experiencing an alternative reality. So just like Alice in Wonderland you can go pretty far going into alternative realities though.. there is one reality that common people have as status quo established as scientificly proved. It is. But.. it’s created through “mind control” which is mass programming on a grand scale.

I have had a saying for years; don’t believe anything – anything is possible!

Another saying of mine used to be; get out of your mind and listen/follow your heart.

Before that makes any sense we have to jump into lesson 4

Lesson 4

follow (listen to) your heart

This is what the Shift truelly is all about.

I could start and end with this lesson. This is creating a true meaning to Life.

When you master lesson 4 you are the Master of the Universe. You become a divine being and concious about it. You become the great

I am

What this means is that you connect to the Source, some call it God but the label God is corrupted in so many ways. There are so many alternative names for “God” and.. that’s another lesson to understand what the experience of God was in past lives (history of human kind). So what we need to learn in this lesson is the meaning of Love. Not that love based on “needs” and related to basic senses (feel/touch) and lonelyness/relationship/couple/triple/physical and psychological experience and sympathy. But True Love! unconditional love – and here we have some words that express it



The heart is a word for the channel to this source. There are many multidimensional routes, entities, channels to this source. But the broad band to the Source of True Love is the heart. And the oldest tradition to be able to find the heart, to be able to listen to the heart – is to quiet the mind. The mind chatter is normally so high that the quiet sound of the heart seem to disappear. But though good teachers of yoga and meditation and what not – it might be so hard to quiet the mind for most people that I would suggest that you bring your mind on an adventure with you. Instead of you in state of me against my mind (read lesson 1 about vs.) you coCreate, collaborate, work with your mind – and say that “lets listen together to what the heart has to say” you will create a trio in harmony. When you’re in this state of being you Change the Whole World. You become a True Master of the Universe and any Divine intervention is pure, honest and of GOoD.

Now I would love to bring you straight into lesson number 5

Lesson 5

free will

On earth there is one of the most extraordinary laws activated. In other ‘space & time’ realities – that are abundant – there are many sets of laws in order to express coCreation and a divirsity of experiences which is obviously what “concious” life all about. That we have a setup – a sand box – to play in and play different roles in – or like a PlayStation with a box full of games. And there’s a specific set of parameters – laws – rules – limitations – to play with. One of the most intriguing (to me!) laws is this one: free will!

Once you understand that you create your own reality and free will is an absolute law you might think why you created your current reality – especially if you’re not 100% happy with it and this is the case for each and single person I currently know. So most would claim I am stupid in the head to say this while I fully know this to be so. However, within the science of the free will experience there has been some extremely traumatic events on earth and thus it was infringed by the Dark Ones and we have had a hell of period of over 6,000 years to break the grid of enslavement, torment, suffering, torture, and tyranny. We some how gave it away to experience the lack of it. And “the lack of..” will be another lesson but also just a grid most people still are tapped into though there are so many good teachers in how to manifest Abundance in our reality and who are recognized D-I-Y (do-it-yourself) manifestors of Abundance. That is something I am way familiar with but none of my interests. I am not here to manifest personal wealth. Thus, my dedication is to write the words that will show up in print next and forth on.. so my dedication is what you read and my motivation is to be in the movement of the Shift as I already see the future and it’s a lovely place to experience. So, experience life times in the grind “fighting” for freedom I have dropped my sword and my shield and as enjoyable experience it was.. it was a never ending story that wouldn’t bring on what we are moving in to now. So.. I recommend that you master the following understanding:

nothing happens to you

at least not against your own free will

not possible

so what happens to you is something you either let happen

or something you do to yourself

cause & consequence

also ” karma “

Lesson 6

This is possibly the hardest part – while at the same the easiest. And a recommendation of mine is; listen. Just listen. Take your mind and heart with you.

Lesson 7

You don’t have to “make up your mind” or ever create “a truth”. Nothing is forever and ever and please never ever say “I will never.. ever..”

ascension white rabbit w shadow

Lesson 8

22nd of July 2016

The infiniti number 8. But also.. “it comes back to you”

All you hide.. all you keep as a secret.. all you corrupt.. is karma. You create your own karma. And all comes with the current laws of karma with an interest. So for many of us a little bad.. a little corruption.. a small secret.. comes back many fold. And we suffer from it and most probably the people we care for.

We are either pure – or we are not. It’s either or. On the other side of the Shift we will only have opportunities that are of the heart – so when we make choice it’s between good and good ..and more good and the outcome is of good. In our current 3D – 4D reality we are choosing between bad – neutral – good. And if it’s a little bad – it’s bad. So the what you saw is what you reap etc etc of all of the scriptures are..

our harsh reality. So if you’re lost..

sense yourself as in feel – consider your thoughts, intent, and deeds defined by your emotions; if it feels somehow bad – it’s bad. Always do what feels good to you. Not what feels good to others – unless that makes you feel good. But what feels good to you is the right thing to do. Those who do not understand are selfish enough not to try to understand you. That’s their issue. That’s for them to solve. As it is for you. If you judge others you are not connected with the Shift. So if you’re lost.. and you caught yourself in judgement – you’re not awaken – you’re not tapped into the Shift.

Lesson 9

blame & shame game

Why do you do it? when you blame others ..does it make you feel better?

does it make the one you blame feel better?

if someone do something “wrong”

..or if somone does you “wrong”

the blame & shame game

lowers your vibration

the lower you go the more you move from the 50 shades of grey into


shame & sadness


If someone feel ashamed or makes mistakes an empathic person will unite and help. If you do not feel empathy – lesson 9 is to distinguish and react to you or others still playing a role in this negative game.

Lesson 10

do not follow any.. Laws.

There are universal and cosmic laws created and in place for us humans and I suspect you are in a human body. (Our unseen friends don’t read this kind of rambling). I advice that you do not follow anyone but become the leader on your own path – you’re the master, the guru, the saviour you have been waiting for. If someone tells you to obey them and their laws – no matter is it a government, religion, leader of any kind.. that’s 3D Dictatorshit. When you’re in 5D you do not need someone telling you what’s right for you. You know what’s right for you.

Lesson 11

heal YourSelf

heal others

heal the world

always in that order

lesson; don’t let sick and corrupted people “try to” heal you

Sunday 28th of Aug 2016

Lesson 12

Don’t spend your time waiting for something..


a saviour


etc etc

disconnect from the grid of expectation

live life ‘as is’

be present in the Moment

find your heart and listen to the voice of unconditional love

lesson 13

13 is the Master number. The old greedy needy elite who cruelled the world have told us about evil and unlucky numbers like 13 and 666. 666 is also an angel number and number of the beast only for those walking the dark path..

You are a Divine being. You are the Master – if you will. I am a Master and anno 2016 only coCreating with people who are on that path. We teach, we are the teachers and we are thought all there is on our own unique path. We don’t follow nor do we want followers. You are the Ones you have been waiting for.

lesson 14

You can not create a 5D reality (heaven/paradise on earth) from a 3D perspective. To be happy and to allow abundance, peace, joy, wellness you need to ascend to 4D and 5D consciounsess first. In 3D it’s about selfishness and the difference between being sick & tired is

I – as in illness


We – as in wellness

Most people fail to ascend from 3D consciousness to higher frequencies and vibes on their own. I was hell bent on “I will make it on my own..!” ..and that’s the difference between experiencing hell on earth and.. ‘all the good’.

lesson 15

This lesson I want to dedicate to two people who have dedicate their lives to working with our True Potential. I concur 100% to what they go through in this discussion. You can find both on the internet and youtube. There are some great lessons in this video regarding the path to become a selfrealized Master.

lesson 16

out with the *old*

2017 = year1


lesson 17

learn to be naturally naked

if you can’t..

you have something to hide.

lesson 18 – 22:22 8th of Feb year1

stay on your path

stay on your path

stay on your path

stay on your path!!

just stay 




..like in Alice in Wonderland. The best way to stay focused on Your essentials is to become aware of your personal switch board – or rather Shift board. There are many elements of you that you can tune to different frequencies. Imagine switch board where in its simplest form you have a lot of ON/OFF switches. And some of you will be aware of. Some of you’re not. But most people have similar switch boards and as I use to say; your reAction defines who you are. That means many things amongst for example; what triggers you. Is that element (switch) an extreme ON/OFF or a tuner. Do more trigger little by little increase who you turn into (like HULK!) or is it a knee-jerk reaction?

When on your path you can fine tune who you are while aware of your own shift board.. shift as in you can shift as a person while awakening to who you really are. A switch commonly known for us is for example the fight and flight mode. As you move into areas where you have no need of it you can feel pretty silly when that implant, or programming is activated. But then again.. when you tune out of ego and self-ish-ness you have no such a emotion as feeling silly.

lesson 19

Valentine’s Day 14th of Feb 2017

You’re the One you have been waiting for. The trap of all religion to enslave you to the Matrix is the combination of wishful thinking and expecting an external saviour. The answer is within. The answer is You! You are the saviour. You are the Messiah. The same goes with “E.T.” and whatever that people wish is the solution. The solution is You with ‘all there is’. Only you can evolve and the Shift and the aWakening and evolution of Your consciousness is about..


When you experience the

I am



I am that I am

you have found the answer

you know God

you know the Creator


and obviously..

you most probably may fall back.. again and again..

it’s the 8

until you exit the “ground hog day

13th of April 2017

lesson 20

it seems like a lot of ” religions ” target christianity in its prestene form; the teachings of Jesus Christ and.. the so called christ conscious people and communities. I have said for a long time that we are the 2nd coming of christ. We integrate christ consciousness which basically is unconditional love and connect with God, the source of unconditional love and thus create heaven, paradise, on earth. It’s a simple step of evolution. Be love.

However.. the darkness that would love to kill christians is very real. And.. looking at our current affairs and history you will realize how sincere this DarkSide is. When you go into must main stream religions you will realize if you do know the real teachings of Jesus that none of them learnt it. Nor teach it.

If we study Catholic-Cabal-Zionism-Orthodox-Vatican-jesuita-masonry and even teachings of a one world religion as in Islamic State they all have a hidden agenda to annihilate the true christians. While at the same none of these constitute real christianity. It’s just a term. They are all judgemental, “rightious” and terrorize people and use the fear factor and talk about hell. The only hell that exist is the creation of the mind – it’s a product of their mind and coherent hive mentality. They are all connected to the sources of entropy and atrocity. And the “Gods” they *worship* are of evil nature. Though they talk about peace. They also have strong elements of blood sacrifice and pedophilia etc.

So lesson.. to be learn. Stay souvereign and resign from any church. Jesus, I and any person integrating christ consciousness and a connection to Life and ‘all there is’ warmly recommend people to unite but..

disassociate from any church

do not create any new church

We can commune in all forms.. anywhere with anyone. In nature in a natural way where no one tells someone else what is right and what is wrong. Understanding, accepting, forgiving.. and learning to love full heartedly. We all forget that the only thing we are here to learn right now is; love. So the answer to everything is; love.


lesson 21

good Friday” – Jesus and the Prison Break – EXIT the Matrix


lesson 22



more lessons..

coming up soon ; )