The disinformation and the DarkOnes try to censor and discredit the whistleblowers and the people bringing dark into light. The third world war WW3 is a hidden war – though people are “neutralized” and the fight and killing is very individualized at the top. Top of the pyramide. The good guys have been up til now unorganized loners and easy to take out historically.

And then..

– lets see business wise; telegram cloud accessa lot of entrepreneurs are going cloud based IoT and taking automatization to another level. Politically and fancy speak macro economics preaches to the masses that digitalization is how we will thrive.

However, at least in Finland reserved funds (tax payers “waste”) are burnd. Burned badly. It’s a “lets try digitalization and see what happens” epic fail scenario. But it has been like this all the time – the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing and no one seems to have the ability to put things for real together. But lets face it – in Finland entrepreneurs are “yrittäjiä” which means “people who try things”. Why try building a business? The mentality is just wrong. Professionals build and create business. Lets just do it – stop trying so hard! telegram connect

Personally, I am moving towards offgrid and biodynamics. Last night I warmed my cottage with wood from our own forests. Burning wood correctly is a zero emission way to heat a house. At the same I wanna watch videos in FULL HD and I like my 3D and 360 audio. BTW, I hate wires! Always tangled. At the same I like to see broad band delivered by optics and less 4G.. 5G.. WiFi signals in the air: only weak and local wireless. One day people will be educated about it – right now ignorance is blizz^^



So right now I stream through 4G and happy about the speed – easy instant access.   telegram groupsThis is a potential for the little people and the few – I am not going to take on the issues of the “communities” of the millions and industries of scale. I am going to focus on YOU and ME!



telegram hackers safeWe used to use Trello as project management system – on a scale. But at a +100,000€ a month turn over it got hacked and they epicly failed to help us out. I still like how Trello works but I can’t trust them. We used to use WhatsApp as Instant Messaging tool. As Facebook bought WhatsApp for a few billions (how many zeroes are there in a billion? it’s a few thousands millions!) we knew we can’t fully trust WhatsApp anymore. Facebook is a spy tool and far from crypted and respecting private content. Facebook has no soul and the same goes with Google. Both are severely *corrupted*. There are some great people of course in both of these companies and I’ve been working directly with Google, USA Inc. and the people on the ground and middle management of R&D were awesome. But I kind of mean the dark sections – the dark ops involved with these companies. Sure you can claim it’s for a better good but it’s not by the people for the people but the private sector of the …hmmhmm… “Old World Order”. The new order of the day is to implement full disclosure and transparency. No more dirty deeds in the shadows.. in the dark.

Well, this all is back in the days when I spent time working as an Executive Director in IT / ICT.

“Project management”
warm markets
cold markets
supply & demand
instant & easy access
cutting the cake
Human Resource Management
working late
“pro bono”
meetings &messaging
Public Relations

..and the filthy competition..
bad mouthing and all the lies


I’m done.

Today I am #offgrid and moving towards self-sustained living and independency

I don’t want to be “24/7 available”

telegram openOffgrid to me = I live in Peace

I am going to live #offline more and more and just briefly check in on friends and my income. This is also turn key solution I’m not only manifesting but going to teach people. So I suggest if you don’t do it yet subscribe to website and why not also my telegram Channel.


I am also all about transparency and it’s pretty good that you mind this little quote of mine; “if I could read your thoughts – would you change your mind?” Just a little heads up – part of our rEvolution is activating telepathy. So eventually people will and might be able to read your mind so it’s not such a stupid idea to take control over it; and your thoughts and feelings. Some of us are pretty good at sensing these but actually tapping into them is a new real frontier. If you’re interested in this theme I have a blog category called AWAKEning. You’lle see ; )


telegram privateHowever, like I said – there’s a war the common man hasn’t really figure out yet. There are some *ugly greedy* issues in the world and if you like to communicate with your peer about, build a community, or even broadcast news and information I think has a platform for you! To try the platform out I started to run a telegram Channel –

Feel free to test^^ after it’s installed you can click open my Channel.

It’s for free. telegram free


Telegram can be used on any of your devices.

telegram native platforms

telegram serversI used to like Skype but as they use computers as “slaves” and steal resources I have stopped using it. Skype use private computers as “mini servers”. I mean, a freeware and you pay by lending your bandwith is ok – if they would be upfront with it. But it’s not ok to be secretive about it and have people facing trouble with “slow down” since they might not figure out that Skype is the cause of it. Some of my peeps still use Skype but I will guide them all towards – some of the Skype interfaces are all but intuitive so it clearly moved into the “win8” concept.. do you still remember how they hyped win8? kids being the experts. Well.. may so be..

– in another frequency.

telegram destructThere are many features with telegram I like: you can have a self-destruct timer set for messaging if you are sharing sensitive information. It could be all from passwords to credit card details that you now and then need to share. Once upon a time we used to use three different Instant Messaging apps to send the info for a credit card: one sends the card number, one sends the date of expiration, and one sends the CCV.

Obviotelegram businessusly the crypted messages feature and anonymousity is part of the essentials when you’re in business. Here’s the self-destruct timer also good because know.. there are some sad people that steal things and you really want to protect your information. I personally use a one hour delay PIN activation. If I’m abroad or high risk areas I set instant PIN code for my telegram app. This way there’s no access to your messages or account.

At this very moment I’d use telegram exclusively.

I’ve had pinterest, instagram, twitter you name it for quite some time.. but never liked “broad casting” through these medias. I am pretty interested in the development of telegram as it’s way better than WhatsApp that I’ve had as a bench mark app. There are also a lot of alternative media who gets rated especially by Facebook and Google so lets see how these two will have “preferred algoritms” regarding sharing messages from telegram Channels.

telegram share

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