I have been studying the dynamics of the Matrix for quite some time. How it is run, by how and how it creates the reality as we percieve it. It is so real that hardly anyone realize it’s CONstructed by a hierARCial structure. Denial is a state of consciousness and apathy is the acceptance of atrocities and corruption of all natural. The satanic, syntethic a.i. is totalitarism – superior CONtrol of all aspect of Life. To replicate it and create *wickdnz*

This is the LuciferianSatanic Domain; the mirror house, the carusell, the circus, the freak show. People are lured into the illusion. Decieved. Trapped. Defragmented. Insane. In 1938 the Devil in an interview with Napoleon Hill frankly admitted he has 98% of the human population. Only 2% were sane and sovereign. How many of those 2% were connected with Creation and God; all there is?

Since the fall of humankind only a few have been able to EXIT the Matrix and thus Ascend out of this domain.

The ascension teachings are available – but all.. corrupted. By the minions of the Deciever; the “Fake Light” bearers. The New Age movememnt as any other religion are Puppets of Satan. Hardly anyone has learned to decern. Hardly anyone is sovereign, aware, and consciouss to see.

So.. time for an audio visual experience:

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