paylution 500wnot because I have to

but because I want to!

As a contrast I have enjoyed going to a meeting early morning when it’s ruggish, dark, and in the rain. But I would serious be displeased with that if it was an every day occurance. I am one of those who decided in the teens that life is not about the grinding and early mornings when you wake up to the alarm and snooze it because you’re just too tired to get up before falling a sleep again and waking up a second or n time to the alarm. I hate waking up to alarms! I don’t know how many alarm clocks I killed before the era of the smart phones (too expensive to kill).

In the near future I am going to post a solution to exit the rat race and the ground hog day. It’s going to cost approx.

13€ or $13

it’s a smart phone and or laptop income

and it’s “the four hour work week” model
And best of all – it’s for everyone!

the four hour work week
have you read the book btw?
by Tim Ferriss?
why or why not?

well, you don’t need to if you start following this blog!

Book at Amazon [ here ] Dedicated site [ here ] Tim’s blog [ here ]

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