this is just a short reality check

and my story:

In 2012 we build a +1,000 partner organization with Synergy
thanks to their ProArgi9+ l-arginine complex product.
When I say “we” it was coCreation at its best.
But when I say “+1,000” I mean
my personal organization with the company.


The hype was; NO more cardiovascular disease.


Which at the time being was the #1 serial killer in the modern world.

at the time
– the only alternative, the only solution, on the market: ProArgi9+


The presentation was back with a Nobel Prize in medicine from 1998.

However, one of the 3 Nobel Prize winners in medicine 1998
said that the price level of almost $100 was too expensive
which is usually the case with NETWORK MARKETING companies and their products. he developed a product for $39,95.

That product is available only in USA.

So it’s not really a product you can implement a network marketing *compensation model for.
And you can’t build a world wide residual income with it. Thus.. they probably had to sell it through other channels and I expect their revenue and turnover is weak. Very weak!

*the ultimate social business model according to New York Times

the ultimate way to get an extraordinary product to the world market is a C2C model. The users of the products to recommend people the product and showing others how to order and from where. That’s why is the #1 store for supplements in the world. However, for years I expected to start selling a proper l-arginine complex product but.. no. That still amazes me. But then again. It presents to me a unique opportunity to more than ever recommend Pulse8 to you!

Back to “what happened in Finland”..
Such a “$40” product came to Finland
within a year from our StartUp with Synergy
where I had an accumulated a turn over of over one million euros in my personal organization. Already then, just before this product arrived, too many didn’t “feel the difference” and we kind of weren’t successful on reminding them about the reason for using the ProArgi9+ and the price of.. almost 100€ was for too many too much. When the 50€ alternative (in Finland everything is more expensive! so $40 equals 50€) came on the market.. (not a network marketing company!) the game was pretty much over for ProArgi9+ and the Synergy people started doing generic protein shakes etc which according to me was not something worth investing time and effort in. But most quit Synergy. Thus.. I continued my path on other endeavours.

– if you create a hype where people expect a sensation “feeling the difference” and most woun’t.. they will be disappointed. They quit on you.

And then..
late 2015 I got the happy news
that Pulse8 was introduced on the Finnish market
and the price level of 38,80 + costs ending it up at approx. 46€ made it to an obvious choice for people. It was THE CHOICE for me!

But lets get back to the products available today.
Many try to create a “WOW! I can feel it!” effect with B12 etc ingredients. That they do with many products with the idea of

“taste it! feel it! share it!”

However.. traditional heart and cardiovascular disease is developed over many years.. I mean mostly it starts accumulating at the age of 30 and some times it starts already at the age of 20 now-a-days!! We even have top athletes who hit the dust at a young age so this matter is death serious. But as it may take 40 years or more for some to accumulate stiff, retracted, and filled with plaque vains..’s not going to be a WOW I turned it all around in 4 weeks!

did you read the “it’s not going to be a..”

wake up!

But it might rather take up to 4 years before you end up like me; I have confirmed that my biological age when it comes to my cardiovascular system has the index age of 17 years old. I am as of today anno 2016 40 years old! So I am a living example of that the idea of nitric oxide is real and thus these 3 scientists have by all means earned their Nobel Prize in medicine for this discovery.


It might be a more swift process or a lot longer to turn it around and start the youthing process. But it’s more than STOPping the killing process – it’s really about reversing the process for sick people. Or healthy people who don’t “know” they are on this path in life. Which they are ten times out of ten if they do not implement an l-arginine regiment into their life or other way of nitric oxide process.

One issue with for example ProArgi9+ is that while mentioned in the PDR (American journal of “medicine”) as a threatment method for above mentioned diseases the product on the market includes a K -vitamin which doctors at least in Europe suggest their patients NOT TO USE since they are on medications that don’t allow it. While at the same time we must recognize the fact that the ProArgi9+ is used with 100% success rate in threatment centers as part of taking care of heart and cardiovascular disease. So ProArgi9+ is a solid alternative and I can warmly recommend it.

Herbalife and ForeverLiving products have their own l-arginine complex products but I have ruled both out. One of them have the E330 citric acid which people still don’t really know about and take seriously enough. Many “allergies” are reactions to this bacteria poop “ingredient” that are found especially in soda drinks and juices. Now that people are watching out for the E330 they have dropped the E-code and just put “citric acid” on the label. So we are a little in the dim now. Thus I also inquired about what citric acid is used in Pulse8 and I can give you the green light = )

citric acid can be a good thing! but.. also extremely dangerous. You have to know what sort of citric acid is used in any product you currently consume. You seriously have to.

When it comes to HerbaLife and ForeverLiving products I can’t give a green light. Their products get at best a yellow light but more of a red light. So I am happy that there is a 100% safe alternative.

Pulse8 is as far as I know the only l-arginine complex product without ingredients that have negative effects.

In other words; it’s the product I use personally and do share with my loved ones. It’s the only product I can recommend without any sort of *corruption* (selling out!) or insecurity. My problem with the NWM – MLM industry that I can’t hide the *ugly* truth – if it’s there I can’t ignore or dismiss it. This is rarely the case in the world we live in as is. But we can coCreate a world with full out honesty ..and valued products and service.

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disclaimer: I still think Synergy is a great company and I sure do think many partners do a fine job. There are some “issues” in Finland that hasn’t been adressed in the directorship that I am not too fond off. But since it’s a people business it comes with the territory. I don’t use ProArgi9+ anymore at all but there are other products I use just like I use other products from other companies and shops. From Synergy I use basically only PhytoLife which is a “green juice” I really like. I also believe in the portfolio mentality when it comes to NWM – MLM and that it’s all about ordering the right products for you directly from the company and when people come along on your path you also have a natural way of communicating and then you find new products when the time is right. So do I.