The role of telomerase in the body’s cells is a Nobel prize-winning discovery. Researchers discovered a process that slows down and even reverses the ageing. There is an enzyme, telomerase, needed to lengthen our short telomeres. The telomeres protect the chromosomes. The chromosomes are the blue print needed to build, rebuild, and regenerate the body. The chromosomes need to be intact and protected.

It is, without exaggeration, the greatest breakthrough in the history of anti-ageing medicine.

The telomeres can be described as the metal part in the picture and the chromosome is the white laces:


Without the protecting telomeres the laces will be torn:

And you can’t put a knot on a chromosome which I did to the lace! Which means that eventually the whole lace will be torn. As you can see the lace with the metal tip is still intact. When the telomeres are gone people age and die.

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I was keeping an eye on the TA-65 product for quite some time. I am not that certain is it extracts from natural sources or syntethic. This is what is written about it on Dave Asprey’s Bullet Proof site:
Made from a Chinese root, this supplement claims to activate telomerase — the enzyme that rebuilds telomeres. A 2009 study found that TA-65 increased telomere length and lessened DNA damage in mice. But before you rush out to buy it, it doesn’t come cheap — expect to shell out $600 for a three-month supply. A slightly cheaper option is cycloastragenol — believed to be the active ingredient of TA-65. One study found that, like TA-65, it activated telomerase in mice.

With “Big Pharma” and the Rockefeller academia/science = Orwellian Dictatorship, it is hard to get nutritional supplements on the markets that are part of solution. Thus I’d recommend to understand that what you put on your skin may work as nutrition.

I personally use a skin product called Beauty Strips that has an enzyme called telomerase. I put it mainly on my face and neck. My face really ingest the product. Another product from the same company is RETROMÉ. The RETROMÉ product might not be available on your market. But if you have access to it it is a viable alternative. You might be able to order it via my FGxpress link! If you start to use the product I recommend you to press JOIN. The products are cheaper then and if someone in your peer wants to order they can only do it through a referral link. So you need your own link.

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