The fastest StartUp I’ve been involved in had a turn over of 100,000€ the first month and we were approx. 30 people who created it. That’s a split on 3333€ a head. Minus costs for running a company and two offices.. that’s a good first month.. and a good foundation by all means in a small country like Finland. A year later and none of the 30 persons make a single euro on the venture.

In 2003 I was 9 months from the early start working with another StartUp company that has today people paying pretty much a fixed cost each and every month. The turn over today is still over 1 million euro just in Finland a month. That’s many years ago we worked on that customer base.. and it still generates money.

Money is a transaction – someone is delivered value that they pay for. It’s simple like that.

Which company would you consider to be a true success story?

In between these two I was involved with a third company and the organization I had built during the first year a 1 million turn over just in Finland. A year later 90% of the end users of the product were “gone”. Would you consider that a success story?

To me – the success is and will be in a product people stay with. And true success is measured with – based on – the number of people who really wants the products and reorder.
– and.. the true power is in honest recommendations: loyality.