we all heard about ” network marketing ”

and ” multi-level-marketing “

mostly empty promises of riches

so, what happened since the glory days of

home parties

package pushing

“lets meet for a coffee”
2 vs. 1 at the table

MLM Rock Stars

cars & jet set life style


” pyramid scheme “

..and other Ponzi schemes?

Well as of today there are “gold” and “cryptocurrencies” opportunities that are all ..just that! money games. Money collected to create a new breed of millionaires. From your pocket to.. theirs. That’s what it is. If you want to play the game – you have to play others. It’s a greedy needy monkey business. Some do. I don’t.

There is also a new way
that use the compensation model of that industry. And it works. I really like this.

There are a lot of really good products and services out there and the best way to help a company thrive is to introduce people to these. And today it’s easy to invite people in your peer to a presentation or directly to a product by showing what you use yourself. This is also a great way to create an online income – it’s easy to become an ” online entrepreneur “.

Most people haven’t realized how convenient such a work is. So nowadays I educate people about this trend and as is I will earn on coaching people to make a solid income like this – because it’s an integrated part of the compensation plan.

A basic principle that hasn’t change and woun’t change much is that from the price someone pays for a product or a service you can roughly count that half (½ or 50%) is directed to sales & marketing. That’s roughly how it is and will be no matter is it “traditional” distribution and you go to a store or buy online – or at a home party. In the network marketing industry that it the norm. When someone buys a product directly from the company ½ of that money is paid to people working with sales & marketing – recommending as affiliates. Simple maths is something that the common people have hard to handle. You can’t earn much unless the turnover is huge. And the tipping point to make a solid income might be +1,000 people using the product or service on a regular basis. And reaching that tipping point is what makes the difference! Nothing else really matters in this industry regarding making hard core money.

Obviously a sustainable income depends on how many people stay as end users.
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But to me what matters everything is;

the products and/or service must be real!

and in ” network marketing “
most is fake! hype! bullshit!

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eBay and Amazon etc was build partly on third party affiliate marketing. Also iHerb.com which is the biggest online store for supplements. iHerb.com has a multi-level-marketing compensation plan but this is the next generation NWM where no one really recommend iHerb.com as a business opportunity. What all this has is common is that you don’t need to make an activation order nor so called “autoship” in order to get paid. Many NWM companies require people to order a sign up pack – that at times may be pretty expensive – and as well make activation orders every month. Some companies require people to pay a license yearly and some even require people to pay every month a “back office” fee – and expense to run “your own website or webstore”. Personally I think this is crap and I suggest these companies to compensate people for the work they do. However, I personally have accepted to stay on the required autoship merely because I really do use more than!
– but also turned down a lot of companies because of the activation autoship being more than what I use. And that was why back in the 90s we said it’s a “in the garage business” – referring not only to the fact that many American success stories originate from “the garage” but also to the fact that people filled their garage with soap..