EXIT the FIAT-FED $€ into the people’s money! digital money.
€uro and dollar$ are a make-belief print-on-demand fractal reserve based money. Thus the worth is a make-belief money just like BitCoin. However the worth of BitCoin is a concensus – an agreement between the BitCoin owners and dictated by the sell/buy and volume equation.


Here is the how to:


  1. exchange BitCoin, Etherium and other currencies and day trade
  2. open a Wallet to exchange “old money” into digital money:
    get $10 in free BitCoins with Coinbase! Read more [ here ]
    there’s also a wallet from Finland:
    coinmotion / Prasos Oy Read more [ here ]

  3. get a VISA or alt. BitCoin card that they can use to
    – take out *old* money in ATMs
    – use like any normal VISA card in stores – Read more [ here ]
  4. optionally join a mining pool, a bot or automated Day Trade


point 4.:

Read more about 
BitClub  [ here ]

compound earning on mining. A mining pool on Iceland. I personally consider Iceland to be the safest place on earth for mining and it is cheap electricity and means of cooling available there. Also the government is democratic and the people anti-NWO/Rothschild Empire/”mob bankers”. 


Once you know what compound and exponential growth on investment is and residual income you will have you main intention on to creating it!


Here’s an independent site that update live stream
statistics on BitCoin exchange, trading and mining:
[ blockchain.info ]

I used to post frequently about this movement on Facebook but currently have other priorities:




DO NOT use miningpools, wallets or exchanges you DO NOT TRUST

Your money might get hi-jacked.


Special issues: 

Bitcoin fees are skyrocketing