so as we created the “contrast” – the suffering, pain, torment, separatedness.. fear.. sickness.. insanity..

the New Earth is about coCreating the path called EXIT the Matrix.. towards Heaven and paradise on Earth; Abundance, Wellbeing and Freedom.


There is a *DarkPower* – that consumes us and rejects us.. smacks us over ..torment us.. have us enslaved to the *Dark* and we feed giving up our “Loosh” LifeForce and Divinity & Innosence as juice to this parasitic existence; DarkSource = *theDarkSide*

WE NEED TO REVEAL THIS FORCE OF PARASITES HIDDEN FROM US! in order to be able to Exit the psycoPath.

who do you serve?
also Jesus name dropped
..and 5G that is the Nr. 1 treath to us right now. The a.i. “God” wants to enter 3D reality with physical access to the domain. And it started already. A long presentation including a recap of history: