it’s really ..kind of.. “wierd”

how most companies in the Network Marketing Industry (Affiliate / Social Media – viral marketing) fail* to provide modern people with the means to really make it.

People like me and my peer might have a look at a short video presenting something cool. We can watch it when it’s convenient for us. It might be in the cross trainer at the gym, while having a coffee break, in the car.. at the vacation – well, we all have a few minutes available at some point.

So the NWM 4.4.4 lollipop is using instant messaging and a simple invitation to watch a video presentation. Then you can reach any one any where. Simple.

  1. “yea, send me the video link – I wanna watch it”
  2. after the video: “yea, I wanna try it – how do I order it”

There will be statistics of:

  1. how many watch the video after an invitation
  2. how many order it

Your initial success is based on these key numbers.

Your long term success – residual income – is based on the third key number:

3. how many reorder to infinity (every time they run out)

This same way you can also invite people to a live presentation. Show the video at your home to people coming over. At the coffee table. The companies doing sampling are in the front seat on the high way to freedom and success. When people can have a taste and reaction to the real product and it’s;

  • “I like it!”
  • “I want it!”
  • “I share it!”

is the natural and easy way to create a residual income.. when people stay on the product and reorder. Simple.

*there are people who have made fortunes in NWM – MLM grinding fighting struggling and outside the comfort zone. People like me.. have been struggling in other areas of life and ..don’t like it! So people like me like to live life in the comfort zone doing what feels nice good and honest. That’s why people like me feel like the NWM – MLM industry is “wierd”. That’s why people like me once we find the proper company to work with and a product worth recommending thrive. If..

we have the presentation tools

available 24/7

via internet