funny thing is that I got a mix of the Mandel Effect and a deja vouz Matrix glitch while creating this post

it’s at least to me a well spent time to see the whole video. I saw it in live mode and I can, as one of those who are cursed/privileged to have seen the world from outside the hologram, confirm this shit is something I confirm solid.


here’s another one on [ youtube ]

for more aWare and on the path of ascension.. like.. for fuk sake; the people who are aware of the Matrix

(..and ready to take the blue pill)

matrix blue red pill

in the following video I assure you there are a lot of valid actualities in our present reality and present time lines. However – you will notice a certain distinction between Tobias and Cameron Day with George Kavassilas. Tobias, is uniting, joining, and fusing with all the good beings that are currently available and with us – still keeping his persona – his own uniqueness. While Cameron and George are disconnecting themselves and staying as ‘self’ like in “I will make it on my own”.

I even once upon a time had a ring tone on my phone – as totally disconnected and aloner – that sang out loud “I will.. make it on my own!”

I have that experience. It was as is a very incovenient truth about life and the different paths we can take. Thus, nothing I’d like to tap into. So, just like my bro Tobias I live out the human life as a strong persona – love me or hate me..
– that’s your emotions ; ) but as Cameron and George rant on for 2 hours and fifteen minutes it’s both in a way educational but also points out these two paths very clearly. There are some very life sucking demonic arconian realities you can open up to and loose yourself in it.. but so can you if you fuse fully with gaya-maya-nature-life-cycle. So there are many paths you can take and end up loosing Who You Really Are and the greatest of all potentials. But experience the negatives – even becoming “evil” is not a *bad* thing to do – I mean we are here to be extentions of Creation and thus experience the variety of life. Some of us are just a little too tired of this “diversity” and do not resonate with entropy anymore and just want to go home to rest for a while.. and some of us are “hell bent” on creating heaven on earth and fly again = )

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