two sides of..
Our Reality and Potential
our evolution of consciousness has been *dark*
when will we finally say; “no! enough! no more *DarkSide*
( that’s all it takes really. I’ve said no and expressed it in my peer of 1027 Facebook friends – of which some are in pretty influencable positions in society. What if all people would expose and express their “no!” part of my path has been telling (trying to avoid pushing it too much) who you should direct your attention to )
so it’s a mere choice and as is people chose to accept entropy and atrocity. Yes, I do blame peer-to-peer EPIC FAIL.
I do blame people for apathy and ignorance.
And I for sure blame the humankind for the situation we are in.
It’s not enough that a few is loud and the rest is “uhum, yea..” sitting in the bleechers eating hot dogs and drinking Monsters.
– it’s the “uhu..” people that need to stand for something as well in order for change to happen. YOU’re the fckn change we are waiting for. No no – don’t look around and scroll down to the next easter egg and silly bunny post. That’s not how it works.
I know your sick & tired..
and have all the excuses in the world to ignore the genocide on christians, the MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS dropped in Afganistan, and that the “White House” is joint forces with the *evil* and *DarkSide* of SaudiArabia, IS-rael-Khazarians, “U.K.” and whatever.
I am sick & tired too of the SHIFT. But there’s one thing we can’t ignore: the entrapment religions have been telling YOU that there’s an outside “Messiah” or “Christ” or “aliens” or even an “Anti-Christ” that will be the saviour. FCK that shit! The ones on the other side of the veil have one message to us and it’s simple: this is a planet of free will and WE decide what to do with it. So the only one YOU and I can blame is ourSELVES!
Don’t blame the Russians, Trump, Al-Assad, ISIS-ISIL or a fckd up Catholic church or North Korea, Monsanto, Iran or satan. It’s not any of these fault that we are in such a hideous situation. It’s YOUR FAULT! seriously.

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