different churches and religions have effective MIND CONTROL on the people. They tune the frequencies – the essence of a unique individual on the physical plane according to what the Power – the top of the pyramide represent.

When you tune people into a sense of

it doesn’t only create negative ripples; ButterFly Effect within the 3D plane but it creates energies, frequencies on other planes as well.

When we for example eat meat of animals that have been living a life in negativity and dies in a state of fear that “Karma” will make us sick. It’s really a cause and effect situation. That’s why carnivors eating happy free prey will be vital; keep the Healthy Life Force.

When “Man” attain the status of “God” and we start to tap into syntethic solutions and play around with genetic modifications we will eventually make beings that are manipulated or feed on GM food sterile. It will loose its Life Force. Eventually the Spark of Life. The spark of Life and love can be within the creation and here’s where we find God; the Creator. The opposite of being One and connected with the Creation is being disconnected. Ateists and worshippers of “Creator Gods” also called fallen ones and disconnected wannabe Gods create a totally different future.

There are on other planes within our reality but also unseen beings and “Creator Gods” on the planet Earth. Some humans are in contact with these. These are the Masters we can read about in the Bible and other scriptures. When you re-evaluate our history you will be able to connect the dots. Not so much that it’s fairy tales of the past but you might find out that though distorted it is the Truth. Those of 3D reality that have only activated the basic instincts may not feel or see or hear to touch these planes. But there are already millions and millions of people who can. This brings us to the discussion of “the Matrix” which is basically an Artificial Intelligent Hologram producer. So we have both a concieved “fake reality” and the norm is that you are tapped into this. The “abnormal” people can see through the veil. The Matrix is created by these “Creator Gods” and they are highly intelligent.

The first thing you need to know when you try to figure out your time space reality is that they keep you as harvest and the juice they feed on is essentially your energy. Your freguencies of negative emotions are what they feed on – thus those who are the puppets in human form are created the juice out of “the harvest” – out of us. Me, like you, are most of our lifes struggling.. and it’s not because of the awkward reality of the Truth.. but because we are on a slave planet run by malicious “Creator Gods”. In practice it means that those who create suffering and torment are those at the top of the human pyramide of power. So any News and regime that promote fear and war and *worship* and glorify killing and dilluded *rightiousness* are puppets of *theDarkSide*. They make us feel less and fighting for a “good cause” makes us more. Thus we act out in their favour.

This is nothing “new” to me. It is what it is and I known these inately all my Life. It’s both my gift and my curse. It took me until 2006 to realize I am right about this and all the people around me are unaware. I knew I had no platform nor audience to reach out to back then. So it took me ten years before I noticed that the chain reaction of people aWakening is actually happening. I am glad. I don’t feel alone in this matter anymore.

Rule nr one: don’t believe anything on the News. Until you find a channel that peal off the cover up.

Rule nr two: do anything and everything to be HAPPY. There are two aspects that will bring down the Matrix so people can see reality for what it is: frequencies of happiness

and LOVE. And when there’s only one thing left: chose LOVE!

Love is also the same as the power of Christ. That’s what Jesus was all about. To give us the answer: LOVE.

For two thousand years most people haven’t figured it out. To move out of slavery and entropy the only thing we need to learn and teach is: love.

That all you need to do 24/7
That’s also how you will connect with ‘all there is’ and find a pretty good God. Obviously you may chose any other God. But.. you probably will realize that all scriptures do serve as much the *bad* as the *good* ..so rule nr three: STOP turning to any scripture that is vague and any preachers imam and priest and guru and master who is vague. If they are not of Love.. what are they? ego..? power..? money..? serving what?

When you tap into Love you are more powerful than any of these representing a church or religion. Powerful as in standing sovereign. When we all are sovereign we are free. No one is worth more or less. We are all equal in our own unique way. When you stand sovereign and you have integrated love you are more powerful in God than a million people of negative frequencies. That is how strong the energy of Love is on the other planes in our multidimensional reality. We have a lot of friends and always have had on Earth in for most unseen dimensions. The human being is exceptional in that way that we can tune into many different dimensions and be with and interact with so many and so much. However.. the Matrix has shielded out the good and over ride in order to have entities with *evil* and selfish intent to appear as good. Thus many people have been spending their time on a belief that they represent a force of good. While.. they are just drained on Life Force and remain lost. The New Age movement as any religious movement have been decieved. Out of all these religious people a few have been able to see ‘it all’ – or merely not so much. But still have learnt to decern when something is *corrupted*. And as of today most you’re in contact with is in some form *corrupted*

Thank you for reading. My intention is not to create any negativity but to create a spark of hope that activates more intent to create LOVE and earth into a nice place to spend a while on – a life time or more

I would also love to say something about my bro; Jesus

Medical science has established that we have 2 strands of DNA and 10 strands of ‘junk’ DNA, but they have not understood the purpose of that ‘junk’” DNA.

Jesus was not only giving us The Answer: Love
– he had activated these “junk” strands and what did he say;
“all I can do you can do”

– so part of Our Evolution moving into creating Heaven on Earth is activating our True Potential. So.. what do you do about it?

Here’s a full length video that ‘appeared’ on youtube just as I had written the above. And it’s worth tuning into from my perspective:

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