we love the juicy stories and the pictures from failure and success. Most people like to sit in the audience and enjoy the entertainment. They pay for the ticket and they pay for the juice.

the money makers are the providers. And to create a venue, a service, a product you need to build the facility – you need to facilitate.

in the midst of creating a living for oneself and others I strongly recommend an open mind, an ability to learn but most important of all; to act. The people in the audience they all need the juice – they need the money for the ticket – and thus a circle – a cycle is born: they need to create value in order to cash out on the debit side on their bank statement.

so WHY should you attend or follow me about theSHIFT 2016 going down in two weeks?

perhaps it’s another brick in the wall

Fact: as is – the cycle of money – the €a$hflow is a part of our lives.

Note 1: optimizing this cycle is to save time and money, and create solid value to get paid for. That’s what most people seek: to be the Masters of their own time and money. Some are slave to the grind and exhaust their longetivity and life juice for the dough. Attending theSHIFT may or may not for many bring more light in the end of the tunnel. My purpose is not to rant and be abstract but present the real deal to implement for real NEW IDEAS into your life.

Attend the Business Festival [ theSHIFT.fi ] and subscribe to my blog now!


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